By Kamilla Singh

Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

Surrey: The best Thai restaurant in Surrey is Nahm Thai bistro, how many of us have eaten Thai food and felt like we can do better than this, well I have done it, I have eaten in many Thai restaurants here and in abroad. Nahm Thai Bistro is the one in Surrey which can deliver your palate. The Nahm simply means in Saskrit “NAME”. The ambiance is like no other, very clean, tastefully decorated with Thai theme and the windows are huge from the floor to the top, say at least 8 to 10 feet high, and the ceiling is all painted black with black pipes running across the roof, don’t get distracted by the paint or by the décor. When I went in on Victoria Day long weekend the lunch rush was over, I am glad as I don’t like rowdy crowd, when I choose to go and eat out I like peace and quite and that’s what I got when I walked in, a very friendly manager welcome me by the door and get me seated by the window.

I was going to order red or green curry from their menu because I have eaten the Thai curry and somewhat very close to what we cook curry in coconut milk at home, but after consultation with the manager I ordered stuff Eggplant, these are eggplant with ground chicken diced pepper and onions top with grapau chicken and jalapeno. This dish came with jasmine rice. As soon as the food arrived I just dug into it, the stuffed eggplant is so delicious, this is possibly one of the best stuffed eggplant dishes I’ve had in this city and one hell of a balancing act of complimentary flavors, there is no sweetness, it’s like salty sour, and its all there in a refined perfection of flavors. The spicy chili heat gently soothed with sliced of green, yellow and red peppers as well as the fried Thai basil infused broth are enriched with a signature tamarind tang. The eggplants were stuffed with chicken and lots of them, there is no way one person can eat the whole thing, and I asked them to have it packed for my lunch for next day.

noodlesThey also have traditional Thai desserts, home made Thai rice flour balls mixed with taro root, Thai pumpkin served in coconut milk, a sliced of young coconut meat and jack fruit. These desserts are subtly sweet; intensely coconutty. A great way to finish to the meal!

They also have lunch menu which is served Monday to Friday between 11am to 2:30pm, they have nine items on their menu, from Cashew Nut, Basil Leaf, Red Curry, all of their lunch menu is serve with one spring roll, rice, salad and your choice of soft drink. The lunch menu is for $11:00 only, it’s a bargain for what you will get. Next time when I am in Surrey I will go and try their lunch menu, looks pretty good.

The management was unable to make any comments, so I ate paid and left. Their menu consists of start and share, these are appetizers, and salads, next time when I am there I will try their spicy green papaya salad with tomatoes green bean, Thai chilies, lime juice tamarind fish sauce, garlic palm sugar and peanuts, sounds interesting, as you may know that Thai chilies have so much heat, so you should be prepared to sweat if you are getting this salad.

They also have a nice bar area set up with chairs and huge television, so if you are just popping in for some cold beer, they serve Singha, this has been internationally accepted for over 30 years and has received gold medals awards from many beer tasting competitions around the world, and if you are not in mood for the beer then they also wines, spirits and hard liquor. I bet when the games are on, this bar will be packed, and ambience is very welcoming and pleasant. Seating in the rest of the restaurant area are tables and chairs and well as they have leather seats.
Located at 202-13650-102 Avenue in Surrey corner of Walley Road and 102 Avenue, they also have a huge parking lot, they are open from Monday to Friday from 11:00am until 10:00pm, Saturday from 11:30am to 10:00pm and Sunday from 11:30am until 9pm, Give them a call at 604-930-8833 or go on their website at, or

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