Manila: “As far as I can remember, in my present condition at Ospital ng Makati, the following are the senators, congressmen and agents, as well as officials and employees of implementing agencies who dealt with me and received portions of the pork barrel.” said Janet Lim-Napoles in her long-awaited 32-page affidavit submitted to the Senate blue ribbon committee, in which she denied she was the mastermind of the P10-billion pork barrel scam and declared she learned the ropes from Budget Secretary Florencio Abad when he was a House member, and named 20 senators and 100 congressmen allegedly involved in her schemes to steal money meant to improve the nation’s impoverished countryside.

“I am not the mastermind of the pork barrel because I didn’t start this; this has long been practice or system,” she said. And neither is she “the most guilty,” she added, ostensibly to bolster her bid to become a state witness.

In fact, the agents of lawmakers were more knowledgeable of the scheme, Napoles said.