What goes around comes around

2013 witnessed some very catastrophic natural disasters all over the world, killing hundreds of thousands, destroying lives. People who survived are struggling to rebuild life but it’s an uphill task both emotionally and financially. Closer home, Alberta floods and Ice storm in Southern Ontario and Maritimes are some of the examples of how helpless we humans are. And it seemed Natural disasters were not enough for us because world over there were several manmade conflicts that made the lives of people a living hell.
We think we can control the world and make it a better place by putting in measures and checks, by signing treaties for reducing global warming, by punishing the individuals and government who don’t follow the international environment rules, by supporting one group of people against other, or by applying our scientific advancements to protect populations from nature’s fury. And the answer to all this is ‘No, we cannot’. Nothing can save humans from the Nature’s fury. We might negotiate peace on human to human basis but when it comes to human versus Nature, Nature has and will always be the winner and will have last laugh at the boastful human race. The treatment meted out to the animals in Subaraya Zoo of Indonesia points towards another disaster in making for the island nation, nature is not going to let humans go easily after they met out immense cruelty to its other creations. Indonesia had suffered the most in 2004 Tsunami but has not learnt its lesson. It is not only Indonesia, there are so many places on the earth where humans treat animals, forests, and other elements of biosphere for their own greed and game and when nature’s wrath unfolds we cry foul. We should not.
But this doesn’t mean Nature has no soft corner for humans. Nature has its own way of keeping the balance. There were stories all over the last year when people survived typhoons, earthquakes and floods and lived to tell the tale….and one thing common in their stories…they stayed alive because Nature kept them alive. Last year, two Australians survived for 48 hours in sea after their boat capsized; a fisherman, Harrison Okene, spent three days in an upside down boat 100 feet under the water. His 12 shipmates died when their boat capsized 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria, but he was able to survive for over 62 hours in a four-foot air pocket. They survived because their bodies did not give up, their minds kept on fighting the odd circumstances and all the strength they got was from within, from their soul, which is part of Nature. Recently, 24 people have died and scores are missing in the massive mudslide in western U.S. state of Washington. A 20-foot wall of mud came down the valley destroying everything that came into its path. Who so ever was saved from getting buried under the mountain debris is grateful and believes it was a miracle.
So, apart from focusing on losing weight, getting good grades, getting promotion and profiting at business we should give some thought on being kind to other creations of Nature. Because in the end what goes around comes around, if you are kind to Nature, it will be kind to you or else we are all sitting ducks when Nature decides to settle it scores with humanity, regardless of our advancements.