By Brahmakumaris Vancouver

We value our loved ones, our family and friends, our home and holidays.  We value priceless items and antiques, acquiring new things, our technological gadgets, a promotion at work, money, our profession, eating good food, watching movies, rest and relaxation, recreational activities, exercise etc. These are important to us, but are these sum worth of our inner value?  If it is then we would not need to look further than this.  If it isn’t, then read on.

What are we trying to experience thru all the things that we are doing and consuming in life on a daily basis?  At the end of each day do I honestly feel a sense of self worth/self respect thru all the acquiring, consuming and taking?  If so, I would feel a sense of fulfillment and contentment. Am I fulfilled and content? Is my sense of self worth only determined by my performance and how much wealth and status etc? I acquire in life? Are these the only sources of my self worth/self respect?  May I invite you to take a few moments each day to reflect on these questions? Am I ready to hear the answers that arise?

Real value or respect for myself has no connection in acquiring, consuming and taking. It involves a process of spending quality time with myself in deep reflection and meditation. As I do this on a daily basis I begin a process of acceptance and evaluation of my self, as I am, and as I would like to be. For that to take place successfully without fear or pressure there is a need to see myself from a spiritual perspective. Than from this point of reality it is easy to develop my specialties and diminish my weaknesses without negativity towards myself or becoming egocentric.

Value and respect comes when there is the experience and faith that the core inner being of my spirit is pure goodness and beauty. Peace and stability naturally evolve as a result.  These are very necessary assets in modern day living. When there is such faith, I am automatically freed from fear, jealousy, irritation etc. I can than find myself freed up to be in a position to share, give and help. It is an inward/outward experience of giving rather than an outward/inward taking as we are so familiar with today. As I consciously work in this manner my inner being automatically becomes fulfilled and content.  I can than value being in a position of sharing genuine communication of love, to really listen to another, to encourage someone, to really understand another person’s pain or dilemma. It is love that listens, understands and heals, but only if it is clean, non-possessive, unattached and unconditional. Those who respect/value themselves know how to love in this way.  Discern for your own self how you would like to be and in what ways you would like to empower your level of self worth/self respect.  Meditating for a few moments every day can help each one of us to touch core values such as love, peace, joy, acceptance, respect, tolerance etc. and become a generous giver and watch how your inner being flourishes.  This process naturally empowers our self worth/self respect.

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