Shirley Bond

Victoria: John Horgan and the NDP have presented yet another tax-and-spend budget with no plan to grow the economy or help people get ahead.

“Once again John Horgan and the NDP have put forward a budget with no economic plan and with the only source of revenue being the pockets of taxpayers,” said BC Liberal Finance Co-Critic MLA Shirley Bond. “They have squandered the opportunity to help people with no focus on growing the economy or delivering on their promises to make life affordable. No $400 annual renters’ rebate, no $10-a-day childcare, and we’re still 98 years away from the NDP fulfilling their affordable housing target.”

By 2022, the amount paid in taxes per household in B.C. will have increased by over $2,362 under the NDP government. Under John Horgan, taxes are up $5.7 billion while spending has increased by $11.4 billion.

“John Horgan says everything is going well but gas prices and ICBC rates are sky-high, unemployment and job losses are up, housing starts are down, and retail sales are stagnant. British Columbians aren’t getting ahead and life is less affordable than ever before,” added BC Liberal Finance Co-Critic MLA Stephanie Cadieux. “With 22 new or increased NDP taxes and no plan for economic growth, families across the province are going to keep feeling the squeeze under John Horgan.”

According to budget documents, British Columbia will continue its streak of losing full-time private-sector jobs, with up to 32,800 lost in the past eight months.

“We needed to see a budget that would repair British Columbia’s reputation as a competitive place to do business, encourage investment, and create well-paying family-supporting jobs. This budget failed to hit the mark and has made it clear that people can’t afford more of John Horgan and the NDP,” concluded Bond.