Vancouver: After four months of uncertainty, job loss, and economic devastation, the only “plan” the NDP have announced today is an online survey, leaving British Columbians to fend for themselves.

“People are still out of work, businesses are facing bankruptcy, the public health threat from COVID-19 isn’t over, and what does the NDP do? They launch an online survey,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “This shows the NDP don’t have any plan at all. We’ve sent 12 letters with over 40 suggestions and ideas to John Horgan and the best they could come up with to help lead our economic recovery is a survey.”

COVID-19’s impacts are being felt deeply across the province and in every sector of the economy. People and businesses are all trying to figure out how best to navigate this unprecedented challenge and need solid leadership from their government right now. Today’s announcement is disappointing.

“British Columbians assumed that for the past four months the NDP was working hard behind the scenes on an economic recovery plan, but today we found out that their only plan isn’t actually a plan at all,” added Finance Critics Shirley Bond and Stephanie Cadieux. “The NDP have had plenty of time to listen and now should have been the time for decisive action and a specific plan.  Instead, we get an announcement about the launch of a survey and needing more time to consult, delaying the help that people need now.”