OFFICIAL Opposition Energy and Natural Resources Critic Peter Julian said on Wednesday said in a statement: “The Keystone XL pipeline plan threatens to ship thousands of quality Canadian jobs south of the border. Despite this, Conservatives and Liberals joined forces today to defeat the NDP motion to protect Canada’s long-term economic and environmental prosperity by promoting value-added jobs in our resource industries.

“The Conservatives’ stubborn obsession with promoting the export of non-renewable raw resources has already meant that over 500,000 value-added and manufacturing jobs have been lost in Canada. With the unemployment rate remaining stubbornly high, this is an irresponsible approach from the Harper government.

“Even Conservative finance minister Jim Flaherty admitted that the Keystone XL pipeline will ship quality, well-paid Canadian jobs south of the border. We had hoped that the old line parties would see reason and work with us to safeguard Canadians’ future. Unfortunately, Liberals and Conservatives are of the same mind and defeated this motion.

“Unlike the Conservatives and Liberals, New Democrats understand that the Keystone XL pipeline is not in Canada’s best interest. Promoting this massive export of our raw, unprocessed resources is not good economic policy for Canada.

“New Democrats understand that Canada needs sustainable development that builds a fairer, cleaner and more prosperous country.”