John Horgan Premier Designate, B.C. New Democrats

Victoria: British Columbia premier-designate John Horgan and his cabinet will be officially sworn in on July 18.

The ceremony in Victoria will come almost three weeks after Horgan’s New Democrats and three members of the Green party ousted Christy Clark’s Liberals following 16 years in office.

The NDP and Greens defeated the Liberals in a confidence vote in the legislature.

May’s election saw the Liberals win 43 seats in the 87-seat legislature, but the NDP with 41 seats and the Greens with three seats reached an agreement to push the Liberals from office and form a minority NDP government.

Earlier this week, Horgan appointed three political veterans to head his inner circle of advisers, including well-known bureaucrat Don Wright and former Vancouver councillor Geoff Meggs.

The Canadian Press