Surrey: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh unveiled his plan to tackle rising organized crime in B.C. and keep our kids out of gangs, taking action where Liberals have refused to act.

“People in Surrey are worried about the future for their kids, but instead of listening, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals chose to spend $4.5 billion of your money on a pipeline while leaving British Columbians to tackle crime alone,” said Singh. “New Democrats have the courage to take a different approach. It’s time to look out for kids and protect our communities from the rising gang violence and organized crime that’s hurting everyday families in B.C.”

An NDP government will create a $100 million fund dedicated to helping keep young people out of gangs, with a boost to programs that get youth involved in their community. New Democrats will also immediately create a dedicated RCMP anti-money laundering unit and put an end to hidden corporate ownership of real estate, to help crack down on tax evasion and fraud.

“Young people who’ve been left behind need someone on their side. Preventing gang activity and tackling the housing crisis – those are the priorities of families here in Surrey and they need a government in Ottawa that takes them seriously,” said Singh. “We’re replacing empty talk with concrete action, because New Democrats are in it for you.”