Jas Johal

Vancouver: Following years of broken promises, John Horgan and the NDP’s ride-hailing roll-out reaches new lows as dropping temperatures have created chaotic scenes at Vancouver International Airport, with dozens of passengers stuck in sub-zero taxi line-ups and no ride-sharing relief in sight.

“Sixteen months ago John Horgan promised ride-hailing would be in place and operational by 2020. Now he is ducking his responsibility and failing to keep his promises to the people of B.C,” said BC Liberal Transportation Critic Jas Johal. “Horgan thinks he can crack jokes and smile his way through another year of broken promises and purposeful delays, but the reality is that British Columbians are the only ones being laughed at.”

In an interview with CTV News on September 25, 2018, John Horgan was asked what should be done if ride-hailing was not fully available by 2020. His response was simply “Come after me. It’ll be done by 2020, absolutely.”

“Now into the third winter season under this government we are well past the point of this being anybody’s fault but John Horgan’s and his glacial-paced NDP,” concluded Johal. “Horgan is quick to flippantly pass the buck to the Passenger Transportation Board in order to avoid accountability, but he deserves to be held responsible for his promises and to the people of British Columbia who are stuck out in the cold waiting for rides home. We need action, not more empty words.”