Adrian Dix flanked by former party leader Carole James and former premier Glen Clark. First three photos by Chandra Bodalia


BACK in March 2011, I wrote a piece in Asian Journal titled “Now It’s The NDP Voters’ Turn: When Mike Farnworth Is The Hot Favourite, Why Would They Want To Commit Political Hara-Kiri By Choosing Someone Else?
I noted: “All independent polls have consistently shown that Mike Farnworth is the guy who both NDP voters and the general public solidly support.
“And they should be all the more wise in making their choice because, as the latest Angus Reid Public Opinion poll conducted March 16-17 …  shows, Clark is leading the NDP by five percentage points (43 to 38 per cent). …


MP Jinny Sims, and MLAs Mike Farnworth, Harry Bains and Raj Chouhan.


“The person who can give Clark a tough time is Farnworth – and the poll clearly brings that out: 43 per cent of the general public supports him, while only 27 per cent support Adrian Dix.
“Do the math, guys – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out, eh!
“Among the NDP voters of 2009, Farnworth has 54-per-cent support while Dix has 41-per-cent support.”
But in the DIRTY POLITICS of signing up party members in bulk, especially South Asians, Dix and his supporters outmanoeuvered Farnworth.



A section of the audience at Collingwood Neighbourhood House in Vancouver where Dix addressed NDPers on Wednesday.


Dix blew away the 20-point lead – and he didn’t exactly win any admirers by not announcing that he would step down soon after the election. Instead, he tried to drag things as much as possible, hoping against hope that somehow he would be able to hang on to his position.
On Wednesday, he finally announced he would stay on until a leadership vote that he wanted to be held no later than mid-2014.
But he will keep his seat and run again from Vancouver-Kingsway.





Moe Sihota, too, should do the right and decent thing and announce his resignation – instead of being pushed out like Dix. Sihota was very much part of the NDP strategy that proved to be nothing but a DISASTER.
Let’s see if NDPers have learned anything from this debacle – or whether they will they commit POLITICAL HARA-KARI once again!