Calgary: The National Energy Board today released its Reasons for Decision for the Line 9B Reversal and Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project (Project) application submitted by Enbridge Pipelines Inc. (Enbridge). The Board has approved the Project with conditions, but denied Enbridge’s request for exemption from leave to open requirements.
The Board’s decision enables Enbridge to react to market forces and provide benefits to Canadians, while at the same time implementing the Project in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.
In its application, Enbridge requested approval from the Board to reverse the direction of flow on a 639 kilometer segment of pipeline located between North Westover, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, as well as approval to increase the overall capacity from 240,000 to 300,000 barrels per day of the Line 9 pipeline from Sarnia to Montreal. Enbridge also requested a revision to its Line 9 Rules and Regulations Tariff to allow for the transportation of heavy crude oil.
As a result of the Board’s decision, Enbridge will be permitted to operate all of Line 9 in an eastward direction in order to transport crude oil from western Canada and the U.S. Bakken region to refineries in Ontario and Quebec.