The USA is among the hardest hit nations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although as opposed to what many believe, it is not just the physical health of the population that is at risk. Statistics show how mental illness is an epidemic within the Corona Virus Pandemic. As self-isolation spikes the feelings of loneliness, it can lead to a range of problems from depression to heart diseases. It is now, more than ever that people need to stay connected to keep the positivity alive. With an intent to serve the Desi Community in this hour of need with the best possible information be it, precautions or myth busters along with uplifting interactions, Neeta Bhasin, the President of ASB Communications and a well-known community leader for over 30 years, launches the ‘Neeta Bhasin Show – Indian at Heart – Universal in Spirit.’
The Show, dedicated to uplift the spirit and keep each one connected with humanity and love, goes live on Facebook and Instagram on Monday, 20th April. ASB Communications, a New York-based Multicultural Marketing and Event Management Company is coming together with MOH Global Entertainment, a Mumbai based Creative Agency, Merlyn Dsouza Music Composer – Producer, NY Dreams Productions and The Eagle, Talent Management company, for the cause. With an aim to educate the community members about the prevailing pandemic in their very own language – Hinglish; it also brings support and cheer from the community’s Homeland with Indian celebrity performances and interactions. Tune in to the ‘Neeta Bhasin Show’ to watch interviews with Doctors, Psychologists, Dieticians and other Health professionals, as they offer recommendations and expert advice to deal with the Pandemic. The Show also brings to you Spiritual Guidance, Meditation and Yoga Support to uplift, heal and survive stronger.
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