Kathmandu, March 8 (IANS) Speaker of the Nepali Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar on Tuesday said the country’s new constitution has enough provisions to ensure gender equality, the media reported.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on Tuesday, Gharti Magar said the preamble of the constitution mentions the principle of inclusive representation for economic equity, prosperity and social justice of women by ending gender discrimination.

Nepal promulgated its new constitution on September 20, last year, following which the Himalayan nation elected its first woman parliament speaker Gharti Magar, Xinhua news agency reported.

Gharti Magar, a former Maoist fighter, said the day should be celebrated to implement the rights guaranteed in the new constitution.

She said gender equity has just begun in Nepal.

The new constitution guarantees fundamental rights for women and massive awareness is necessary to let the women know about their rights, she said.