Vancouver: Career changes are now a common occurrence. With more resources and education available at our disposal, many people are taking the first steps towards career fulfillment and changing paths.

Taking the first step on the path to a new career can often be daunting and complicated. Career changes later on in life effect family responsibilities. These responsibilities prevent many people from pursuing their dream careers because they cannot afford to leave their current jobs to pursue the education necessary to make the changes.

Online education affords you the ability to take the steps necessary to transition into a new career without sacrificing time with your family, or the loss of income that comes with attending school full time.

These “online classrooms” allow students and instructors to interact with each other in real time as well as through recorded platforms. Students can discuss course material with one another benefiting just as they would in a real classroom setting.

One popular program being taught online is Immigration Consultation. Immigration Consultants advise and represent people going through the immigration process in Canada.

Immigration Consultation is an up and coming career because Canada’s government is relying on immigrants to boost the country’s population and economy. In the coming years, Canada is expected to face a labour shortage and helping bring skilled immigrants into the country will play a vital role in filling this shortage.

With the world of online learning transforming what it means to get an education, the options available for those looking to make career changes are more readily available. It is easier than ever to get not only get a quality education but your dream career as well.


Carolyn (Cairrie) Williamson

Manager, Program Advising

Ashton College