Page 1 pic 2Surrey: A three-year cooperation agreement has been signed by the Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT) and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – British Columbia (CME-BC). The agreement was signed in the presence of Canada’s International Trade Minister Ed Fast, who was speaking to the Surrey Board of Trade at a business lunch.

CME and SBOT will collaborate to mutually support and fulfill both organizations’ mandates, which are complimentary and aligned to British Columbia, and more specifically Surrey’s manufacturing and exporting sectors.

Each organization will leverage each other’s resources and services to enhance their international trade, workplace/skills development, and government advocacy portfolios. In addition, promotion of initiatives like the Funding Portal and NRC’s Concierge service will be promoted to Surrey’s businesses as part of the joint efforts to enhance business competitiveness.

“As the Surrey Board of Trade builds its International Trade Centre, the Surrey Board of Trade is taking action to find opportunities to leverage international connections for both small and large businesses. The partnership between CME and the SBOT allows us to leverage each other’s resources to support the manufacturing industry sector. By focusing together on improving business competitiveness through policy change, workforce skills development, productivity and innovation programs, market growth and support for SME’s, the Surrey Board of Trade can tap into 10,000 leading companies nationwide through various initiatives in this partnership”, said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“Surrey is home to hundreds of the province’s manufacturing firms. Having a local partner, like the Surrey Board of Trade, will help broaden the reach of our training programs which we plan to deliver in Surrey” said Marcus Ewert-Johns, CME’s Vice-President in BC. “This partnership will also strengthen the flow of business intelligence for CME’s national and provincial policy advocacy initiatives as we tackle competitiveness challenges small and medium sized business face.”