Only a Regional Police Force like Toronto’s might help bring situation under control





Sandip Duhre: At least nine South Asians have been killed since his murder.


LAST week’s brazen gunfire exchange between gangsters in two vehicles in broad daylight on Friday (August 2) just before 3 p.m. in the 5800-block of 126 Street in a busy residential neighbourhood is a clear signal that the gang warfare in the Lower Mainland is OUT OF CONTROL and the gangs have little or no respect or fear of police.
As police scrambled to respond to the multiple 911 calls they received about the shoot-out, the Surrey RCMP received a report from a local area hospital that two males, ages 19 and 21, had just been admitted with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.
Police attending the hospital were quickly able to link the victims of the gunshot wounds to the original gun shots being exchanged between two vehicles in the Newton area of Surrey, which had all of the earmarks of a targeted incident, police said.
Witness accounts described the two vehicles involved to be a gold-coloured compact car and a dark-coloured foreign sports car.
One male was listed in critical condition on the weekend, but was released from hospital by Tuesday, while the other sustained a less serious injury.



Kash Heed Photo by Chandra Bodalia


ONE news report claimed that the person critically injured is a stepson of Sandip Duhre (see photo) who was shot dead at the Bar One restaurant in downtown Vancouver’s Sheraton Wall Centre on January 17, 2012.
Since then at least nine South Asian gangsters or those known to police (see list below) have been murdered along with other gangsters and no one has been arrested or charged in those killings.
It appears that whatever remains of the Red Scorpion and Independent Soldiers gangs backed up by the Hells Angels are out to wipe out what remains of the Dhak-Duhre and United Nations groups.
The brazen broad daylight murder of Jonathan Bacon of the ‘Bacon brothers’ or Red Scorpions in August 2011 in Kelowna led to an escalation of the gang war. Larry Amero of Hells Angels and James Riach of Independent Soldiers who were with Bacon as members of a recently formed criminal alliance commonly called “The Wolfpack,” were also injured along with two women accompanying them, Lyndsey Black and Leah Hadden-Watts. Hadden-Watts is now a paraplegic.
Former solicitor general Kash Heed told Asian Journal on Tuesday: “It is by no means over with. … The two groups are going to continue committing violent, violent acts as it relates to the dispute.”



Detective/Constable Doug Spencer Photo by Indira Prahst


Heed noted that the gangs still have easy access to guns and “they all resort to violent means to settle scores.”
Gang expert Detective / Constable Doug Spencer told Asian Journal on Tuesday that it’s hard to say what’s really going on because the gangsters have so many enemies.
He added: “Amero is in jail. Bacon is dead. The one side is pretty much wiped out as well. Both sides have been decimated. So it’s hard to say whether they are trying to push back or [take] revenge or what. It’s just so crazy.”
He added: “There’s been kind of a calm for a little while – that’s because most of these guys are dead or in jail.”
It’s abundantly clear now that only a Regional Police Force will be able to bring the situation under some control.
As I reported two weeks ago: “TORONTO has reported the LOWEST crime rate in census metropolitan areas in the country for the SIXTH consecutive year, according to Statistics Canada. It reported a 7% decrease in its police-reported crime rate in 2012.
“On the other hand, Metro Vancouver has the SEVENTH-HIGHEST crime rate.”


Some South Asians gangsters / ‘known to police’ killed over the past 16 months:
* Harpreet Chahal of Abbotsford on June 23 in Abbotsford
* Amritpal Saran of Delta on February 24 in Surrey
* Jaskaran Singh Sandhu on January 28 in Surrey
* Manjinder “Manny” Hairan, associated to the Dhak gang, on January 15 in Surrey
* Manjot Dhillon, associated with the Dhak gang, on January 13 in Surrey

* Sukhveer (Sukh) Dhak on November 26 in Burnaby
* Randynesh Raman Naicker (aka Randy Naicker) on June 25 in Port Moody
* Gurbinder Singh Toor on May 30 in Port Moody
* Ranjit Singh Cheema on May 2 in southeast Vancouver
* Sandip “Dip” Duhre on January 17 in downtown Vancouver


THE present gang violence can be traced back to the murder of Gurmit Dhak at a
parking lot of the Metrotown Shopping Centre in Burnaby in October of 2010.
In December 2010, Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said that the gangland shooting that month outside the Best Neighbours Restaurant on Vancouver’s Westside Oak Street in which 10 people, including at least three gangsters with convictions for drug trafficking and violence, were injured was connected to Dhak’s  murder.
Just a couple of months earlier, Abbotsford Police had announced publicly that the notorious Duhre Group – brothers Balraj, Sandip “Dip” and Paul Duhre had been around since the days of Bindy Johal – had taken over from the Red Scorpions (Bacon brothers) and the UN Gang in the Fraser Valley and that the police were determined to run them out of town.
The murder of Jonathan Bacon in August 2011 led to an escalation of the gang war.
The following month, Jujhar Khun-Khun, an associate of the Dhak group, was shot in his vehicle in Surrey, but survived.
On February 22, Khun-Khun, Michael Kerry Hunter Jones, 25, of Gibsons, and Jason Thomas McBride, 37, of North Vancouver were arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Red Scorpion gangster Jonathan Bacon as well as four counts each of attempted murder.
Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) Chief Superintendent Dan Malo announced that Khun-Khun was in hospital at the time of his arrest where he was recovering from gunshot wounds because of an attempt on his life on January 15, just a few weeks earlier.
There was speculation about the identity of a fourth gangster who is now dead but who was also allegedly involved in the case. The person is believed to be Manjinder “Manny” Hairan, 29, who was shot dead on January 15 in Surrey. Khun-Khun was also believed to have been shot in that incident.