Delta: An off-duty police officer and a woman were stabbed outside a private elementary school on Wednesday in Delta.

The male officer was at Immaculate Conception elementary school just after 3 p.m. and witnessed an assault between a man and a woman in front of the school, police say in a news release.

“He intervened, and during the altercation the woman and the officer were stabbed,” said Delta Police spokeswoman Cris Leykauf in a statement.

The two people were transported to hospital in serious to critical condition, British Columbia Emergency Health Services said.

The suspect was taken into custody but police said the scene remained active and advised parents to pick up their children at a location away from the school.

They say more information will be released as it becomes available.

Principal Maurice Jacob said during the incident the school went into a lockdown, which students and staff have practiced in the past.

“All the children are safe. No children were harmed at all. No staff were harmed at all,” he said.

He said all the children had left the school and been picked up by their parents as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Jacob said he could not comment on the incident itself or the identity of the woman who was hurt.

Ernie Saunders lives on the 12th floor of a highrise next to the school and said he looked out his window when he heard many sirens.

“The area’s all cordoned off and the actual stabbing area is cordoned off.”

Saunders said police had the suspect sitting on the grass in handcuffs.

“He’s off to jail, I guess. The lady and the other officer are off to hospital.”

The Canadian Press