London, Jan 16 (IANS) The last Briton born during the reign of Queen Victoria died at the age of 114, media reported Friday.

A spokesperson of the Water Royd House, a nursing home where Ethel Lang lived in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, confirmed that she passed away Thursday morning.

Reports said Ethel Lang, born in Barnsley May 27, 1900, had lived through six monarchs, 22 prime ministers and two world wars. She also witnessed the invention of the radio, television, computer and the internet.

She married William Lang in 1922, and has survived her husband since 1988. They had a daughter who is now 91 years old.

According to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics, Britain had about 13,780 centenarians in 2013, and among those 710 were estimated to be aged 105 or older. Now, the oldest person in Britain is an 111-year-old woman, Gladys Hooper, of the Isle of Wight off southern England. She will be 112 years old Sunday.