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On Chesil BeachLove Among the Ruins was a much hailed classic of the British cinema. Receive similar classy acting in a more modern On Chesil Beach. Though set a bit nearer to our time zone this smart Elevation Picture may well sweep your hearts away. Catch the fever at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas and other select Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

For those more mature people tying to escape superheroes let me suggest you travel a bit seaside. You see way back in 1962 two newlyweds head to an elegant hotel on secluded yet upscale Chesil Beach. Home away from home for the well off somehow Edward Mayhew and Florence Ponting seem a bit out of place. Blame it on their age as Billy Howle and Saoirse Ronan convey all the angst and nervousness of a just married couple.

Lovers know that when It comes to sex there can be just a touch of awkwardness. During their stay at the hotel Edward and Florence find out the hard way that it may well have been better to have ” test driven” the merchandise fully before tying the knot. Feelings can be fleeting and due to second thoughts versus overly eagerness the pair undergo considerable stress.

Stark and honest in its portrayal of sexual awkwardness On Chesil Beach serves up stirring Performances on all levels. You can sense the nervousness of the wedding night and the pain and sorrow that follows this pair and their families once these lovers sense they may in fact not truly be meant for each other.