The incredible work of Dr. Ahmed Qureshi

Dr. Ahmed Qureshi, an ENT surgeon, is amongst the prominent medical
practitioners in the city. Dr. Qureshi was HOD & Regional Director of Infection
Control, Northern Region, Saudi Arabia, and is a trustee for the Care Foundation,
Pune. We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Qureshi regarding his work as
HOD & Regional Director of Infection Control. A recent recipient of the National
Award (Rashtriya Gaurav Award) by the Parliamentary Head on May 27th, 2019,
and Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia) Award of Excellence for the successful
implementation of the Infection Control Program in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Qureshi
sheds light on his experience and his journey.

In conversation with Dr. Qureshi, I asked what has surprised him most in working
with infection control. According to Dr. Qureshi, he was most surprised by the
high level of antibiotic resistance in the hospitals. That the organisms are sensitive
to the lower group of the antibiotics but higher groups of drugs have been used
by the doctors leading to such antimicrobial resistance. The second surprise was
the lack of hand hygiene by hospital staff. They just wouldn’t wash their hands or change their scrubs before touching the other patient!
“We have done research and this was found to be one of the main causes of
hospital-associated infections and resistance to antibiotics in hospitals,” says, Dr.

Otorhinolaryngology has developed to a great extent over time. ENT Surgeons
worldwide are now doing microscopic and endoscopic surgeries involving sinuses
and beyond now. In a busy hospital, these intricate surgeries are common but
care, precision and respect to human tissues is paramount to prevent surgical
errors. Dr. Qureshi’s determination and intense passion are seen in his efforts of
having to visit each hospital and implementing infection control guidelines and of
raising awareness, presenting research and through consistent reminders, which
have led to gathering momentum in India and abroad.

Speaking of Dr. Qureshi’s role as a Trustee of Care Foundation we learned that
this is a relatively new organization is doing some amazing work by giving
monetary and other support during natural calamities and disasters under the
able guidance of Mr. Sadiq Shaikh, Founder, and Chairman. The seven members
running this foundation work selflessly to not only help those battling natural
calamities but also provides deserving students with monetary assistance, and
medical aid to the underprivileged.

Through his journey, the best thing that’s happened to Dr. Qureshi is that he’s
had a smooth and well-balanced life. According to Dr. Qureshi, the best thing in
life has been to work hard. And, it pays off well, he says. On being questioned
about what’s his philosophy on dealing with the lack of basic necessities available
to the underprivileged globally, Dr. Qureshi shares his thoughts that we obviously
need initiatives at the government level but as a society, we need to become
philanthropic. There needs to be an effort at these various levels to pool in
together and fund more for such situations in order to build support where need

His closing message to our readers: live life and see people around you who are
deserving and underprivileged , help them. Be benevolent. Help others and bring
smiles to their faces .