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Vancouver: A pedestrian has been killed after being run over and pinned under a vehicle on Granville Island, one of Vancouver’s busiest tourist destinations, police say.

Spokesman Randy Fincham said an SUV drove into a building at around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Two other pedestrians were also hit but suffered only minor injuries, he added.

“The driver remained at the scene and is co-operating with the police investigation,” Fincham said in a news release. “The cause of the collision has yet to be determined.”

Fatima Siddiqui, of B.C. Emergency Health Services, said no one had been taken to hospital in the two hours following the crash.

Jonathan Gormick, a spokesman for the Vancouver Fire Department, said the severity of the incident prompted a heavy response from emergency crews, which included two ambulances, two heavy rescue outfits, a fire engine and command staff.

A structural engineer from the City of Vancouver was inspecting a two-storey wood building to determine whether it’s safe to enter, he said