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Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

We all know that online reviews have a massive impact on customer behavior and your company’s search performance. With good reviews you will improve your SEO, attract new customers, improve your bottom line, and your business will love you. To help us get more, Google has made reviews more visible within its search results.

How Google changed search results

Google’s new search algorithm is designed to lead people to high-quality products and services. For instance, if you search “Compunet Infotech”, Google will show you something called a Knowledge Panel. Displayed on the right side of the search results, this panel includes information like address, hours, web address and more.

Which review sites does Google include?

Relevant sites vary from industry to industry, so if you manage a restaurant, reviews from Yelp or Zagat will likely be displayed next to your online listings. If your business is a bit more niche, there are a few additional steps to determine which review sites affect you.

Go to Google and search for the following:

  • “[your company name] reviews” –to locate sites that already have reviews on your business
  • “[industry] reviews” –to determine industry review sites that you should be listed on
  • “[industry + location] reviews” –to find review boards where you can boost your local presence

Then, record all the review sites you found on the first page of each search query and categorize them based on their search ranking and the current rating your company has on them.

Once you’ve produced a comprehensive list, write down an objective for each review site. This can range from getting listed on the site to improving your rating. Keep it easy by just working with the five most popular websites.

 Your Take Away

No reviews? Here are three strategies that encourage people to rave about your business.

  1. Send follow-up emails After a customer has made a purchase, it’s a good idea to send a thank you email that includes a request to review your service.
  2. Simplify the review process Many customers opt to skip writing a review because there are too many steps involved. Simplify this process by having a review site already opened on your smart tablet and asking your customers to comment on your service before they leave your venue.
  3. Offer rewards for reviews Another way to encourage people to rate your business is by presenting them with a chance to win free goods or services if they submit a review.

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