Doug McCallum
Doug McCallum

Surrey: Safe Surrey Coalition’s Doug McCallum says that as mayor one of his highest priorities will be public safety and he will immediately start the process for creating a new Surrey Police Department.

“My goal is to find the most innovative and effective programs from around the world and implement them. All of us on the Safe Surrey Coalition commit to actively seeking law and order programs that will make Surrey safer,” said McCallum.

For starter, he will ask for the immediate implementation of two programs:

  1. The Bar Watch program has successfully operated in Vancouver for more than ten years. This program has greatly reduced gang violence in restaurants and bars across the Lower Mainland. In Surrey, Tom Gill and Surrey First have been asleep at wheel and have not initiated this program. Why?

On Day 1, I will order the police to immediately begin the Surrey Bar Watch Program. No more studies, no more consultations, no more asking permission from Ottawa. We will make it happen together, I will make it happen for you!

  1. The use of big-data is making businesses more competitive, data is connecting the world. Police data analytics are now widely used across the world to predict crime before it happens, data is used to find criminals faster and before they commit the crime.

“Large cities in the United States and Canada have been using Predictive Policing Analytics for years in their highest crime neighborhoods. Why have the RCMP not developed or purchased a Predictive Analytics platform for Surrey’s high crime neighborhoods? Why has Tom Gill and Surrey First treated our safety as a second-class priority?”

“On Day 1, I will immediately direct our new police department to initiate the Predictive Policing Model to help make Surrey safer for all of us.”

He added: “There will be more public safety initiatives to come. What Surrey needs is solid steps in the right direction, not more studies that sit on the shelf. The Safe Surrey Coalition will put good ideas to work.”