By Shirl Hollenberg

Great Pretender!

our-kind-of-traitorSpies come in all shapes and sizes. While most can’t wait for the return of agent 007 in a few years if you just can’t get your fix on espionage then Head out and get a DVD of Our Kind of Traitor. Yes this one escapade is indeed our kind of movie.

Master writer John LeCarre has had more than His share of novels turned into films. Now those efforts turn to a mysterious chance encounter between a thug and a professor in some hole in the wall North African setting. Lots of things happen on holidays. In the case of a British couple played enticingly well  by Ewan McGregor and Naomie Harris (Skyfall) they are thrust into the murky world of Cold War spying through their new friendship with an east European transplant portrayed by Stella  Skarsgard.

Out of control our Good Samaritan Englishmen find themselves caught in an elicit web of intrigue involving corruption, politics and murder. Perfect pacing and a definite chill factor sets in as this delicious cat and mouse tail will have onlookers on edge throughout, if there is any message in Our Kind of Traitor it’s to choose your friends wisely, and a very good choice isn’t on heck out this flick if you like topical tales, mood acting and have desire for all things spy.