Vancouver: Two Vancouver-area police officers have been arrested and released in Cuba.

Both the Vancouver and Port Moody police departments confirmed Thursday by email that one of their members was taken into custody and then released during a personal vacation in Cuba.

The details don’t make it clear when the two arrests occurred or whether they are connected.

Information provided by Port Moody Sgt. Travis Carroll says the department takes “all allegations of misconduct concerning our officers very seriously.”

Carroll does not describe what allegations may have been made against the officer.

He says the matter has been referred to the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner so it can monitor the situation.

Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner Rollie Woods said he believes the Port Moody officer was detained as a witness.

“My understanding is the person or the officer that may be in some jeopardy for his actions there was the Vancouver member,” he said, noting that his office has been given very little information and is still confirming details.

Once the commission has more information, it will determine whether to launch an investigation, he said.

Woods said officers are bound by professional conduct standards outlined in the Police Act, no matter where they are in the world.

“Municipal police in British Columbia are accountable for their actions, whether they are in Canada or any other country in the world. They’re always held to account and could be subject to a Police Act investigation, if they have committed or are alleged to commit misconduct,” Woods said.

The Canadian Press