Family Ways!

Desperate times call for desperate solutions. Run down to the International Village Theatre to see runaway hit Parasite. Made with a group of largely no name stars (at least state side) Parasite is a testament to the importance of story. When most ideas out of Hollywood are tried and true how refreshing it is to see a completely original story that’s fresh and fun and full value for your time and money. Horror never felt so good.
Horror without the gore makes Parasite so appealing. Call this the toast of Korea. Now the secret is out as discerning cinephiles for years have known and respected the talents of filmmakers from this Asian powerhouse. All things come together in Parasite and all good things lead to director Bong Joon-Ho who also wrote and produced this rather unique tale on upward mobility – with a twist.
Many of us struggle to get by. When you get a chance take it. That’s exactly what a down on their luck Korean family do when they “infiltrate” a wealthy family. Let the games begin. One by one these rich folks get taken in by a team of dedicated con artists. So smooth is the plan that the question of the other shoe dropping gets put on the back burner. Delicious fun is the order of the day. Along with surprises galore
Made in South Korea with English subtitles that don’t distract this film has already won a slew of awards. Your verdict likely will be positive thanks to some great performances and well thought out flawlessly executed performances. Add on some twists and turns and this well paced thriller will keep you on edge and guessing what comes next throughout.