Jatinder-Rosha-214x300You can sponsor your parent or grandparent if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and if you are 18 years of age or older. They can become  a permanent resident under the Family Class .Only limited no of application are now accepted under this program. The program is now under administrative pause.The program was  re-opened on January 2, 2014. Citizenship and Immigration Canada  received the required number of  5,000 complete applications very quickly and the program was closed till the next year.

If you intend to sponsor your loved ones for the next year you must have all the documents ready before hand . To be eligible for Family Class sponsorship, the sponsor  must also exceed the minimum necessary income level for this program. If married or in a common-law relationship, the income of both can be included. Under new regulations you must demonstrate that for the three consecutive taxation years preceding the date of application, your income is equal or greater than annual MNI (MINIMUM NECESSARY INCOME) plus 30% for each of the three years. Now the government will only accept Notice of Assessment or Option C print out issued by CRA. So, no accountant letters or pay slip copies will do.

The sponsorship obligation period for the sponsors is now 20 years. In other words sponsor must sign an undertaking to repay any provincial social assistance benefits paid to the sponsored person and accompanying family member(s), if any, for a period of 20 year.

Super Visa

The Super Visa Program allows parents and grandparents to come to Canada as long-term visitors. Super visa is a multi-entry visa  with a expiry period of  up to 10 years  & allows    entry periods lasting up to 2 years on each entry into Canada ,without the need to renew the status.

To be eligible for the Super Visa program, parents and grandparents must meet standard visitor visa requirements such as ties to home country, purpose of visit, their financial condition &   in addition, their child or grandchild in Canada- must meet minimum income threshold; prove they have purchase health insurance for at least one year from a Canadian company; and  parents and grandparents complete an immigration medical examination.

Jatinder Rosha  is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant  and can be reached at ameximmigration@gmail.com or Cell-604-725-9091.