The Coronavirus outbreak continues to keep millions of parents across the globe at home with the impossible task of being a parent, worker and teacher.
Getting through your day is difficult enough when it’s just you balancing working from home and keeping the kids entertained. Adding in home schooling can prove to be a real Challenge.
Here are four simple steps you can take to accomplish your new role, be a hero and keep your sanity.

Create and work from a schedule
Creating and maintaining a schedule will prove to be invaluable. The kids need a schedule and you need one also to help you keep up with your increased duties.
Start with making a schedule for the kids. You can include educational activities, play time and mealtimes. When they know what they are working on and have a schedule to follow, it makes it so much easier for both them and you. Kids need a routine and they’ll be a lot happier when they’re following one.

Make time for physical activity
It can be tough trying to work when the kids have bundles of energy. So, why not help them burn off excess energy so you can work in peace?
Getting them to partake in physical activity helps to wear them out as well as keep them healthy. So, encourage time running around in the back yard. You could cerate a mini assault course or look online for physical games you could play.
Once they’ve finished their physical activity, they will be more likely to play quietly for a period of time.

Don’t try and become a teacher
Now the kids are off school, you may feel like you have to become a teacher. You really don’t. It’s not your job to research and familiarize yourself with the topics they cover at school.
Instead, focus on educational activities they can do such as reading. You can also set up things such as sensory buckets and let them use educational apps. If the school provided digital work they can follow, make sure you utilize it. If you look online, you might also find free workbooks they can use.

Talk through any issues with your employer
If you are having issues juggling everything, don’t be afraid to talk to your employer. They may give you additional days off so you can get used to the new arrangement.

Take Away
Remember, there are a lot of people going through the same situation as you right now. It’s not easy, but remind yourself its temporary.
We are in uncharted territory here and hopefully my four tips will give you direction and help you to better juggle your new responsibilities.

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