PHOTO-1-amandeep-bathAmandeep Bath RCMP photo


SEPTEMBER 24, 2004, almost nine years ago to the day, Amandeep Bath senselessly and tragically had his life taken from him. Amandeep was out with friends on the night of September 23. 
When returning home, he was confronted in his vehicle by an acquaintance.  This confrontation prompted Amandeep to take off in his vehicle and call 911. The two suspects then followed behind him in their vehicle.  Both vehicles came to a rest in the 9100 block of 125 Street in Surrey. 
At this location the confrontation ensued between the two suspects and Amandeep.  This confrontation ended when Amandeep was shot and killed at this location. As Amandeep had placed a 911 call, the Surrey RCMP were on scene quickly which resulted in locating and arresting one of the suspects.  The second suspect was identified and arrested a few days following the homicide. Both individuals were charged with homicide related charges. However, these charges were stayed in 2005 as Crown concluded the available evidence did not support a viable prosecution at the time. In 2012 the IHIT Cold Case Unit was formed and this was their first assigned investigation.  After an exhaustive review of the case, additional evidence was obtained and the threshold for charge approval has been met.


Amandeep Bath’s family members at Friday’s RCMP press conference. Photo courtesy CBCPHOTO-2


ON Friday, Kevin Hackett, Officer-in-Charge of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, told the media: “I would like to let the community know that arrests have been made today, and charges secured against, 28-year-old Parminder Singh Basran ,  who is charged with second degree murder, and 29-year-old Bhabjit Singh Aujla, who is charged with manslaughter and accessory after the fact. Both men are currently in custody and scheduled to make their first appearance in provincial court on Monday, September 23. Hackett said: “The details of this investigation are now with Crown Counsel and the matter is before the courts, so I cannot discuss specific evidence.
“However, I would like to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the members of IHIT and specifically those of our “Cold Case unit” who worked very hard over the last year and a half investigating this murder and presenting new evidence to Crown Counsel. “Every investigation has its own unique set of facts, challenges and obstacles. This one is no different. “In March 2012, a team of dedicated Cold Case investigators was formed within IHIT and now provides our unit an opportunity to focus on those investigations where investigative avenues had been limited and momentum stalled. “In most investigations our investigators forge strong bonds with our victim’s family and this was certainly the case here. 
Amandeep’s family has shown tremendous patience, trust and faith in us.  Thank you for that.  We hope that this result eases some of the pain and answers some questions.” Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy, Officer-in-Charge of Surrey RCMP said in a statement: “My thoughts today are with the members of the Bath family. I know that this has been a, long and painful journey.  My hope is that these arrests will help bring some form of resolve to them. “This great work by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is a demonstration that we never put these cases to rest.  I am very proud of them.”