AS it gets darker and wetter it becomes extremely important to remind pedestrians and drivers to plan for the conditions they may encounter on the road.
As a pedestrian, cyclist or driver, we have a responsibility to share our roads together safely and make smart decisions.  As a driver, we have a particular responsibility to help keep vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists safe.  With this in mind, Langley RCMP will be conducting education and enforcement events in the month of October.
Key tips:
* Dress to be seen. Wearing reflective clothing or using reflective gear makes it easier for drivers to see you. This is especially important in wet weather and in low light or dark conditions when drivers may not be able to see you.
* Always make eye contact with drivers. Never assume that a driver has seen you.
* Always obey the traffic signal devices.
Pedestrians (general):
* Before stepping off the curb, look left and right for oncoming vehicles. Then look left and right again for vehicles that may be turning onto the roadway from beside or behind you. Make sure that vehicles in all lanes are fully stopped before crossing.
* Focus your full attention on what’s happening around you. Drivers may not always stop or obey traffic signals. Remove your headphones and never talk, text or use electronic devices in an intersection or while crossing.
* Be extra cautious at intersections. Watch for vehicles turning left or right through the crosswalk. Drivers attention may be focused on oncoming traffic so they may not be looking for or see pedestrians in the crosswalk.
* Always cross at designated crosswalks – never mid-block. Follow pedestrian signs and traffic signals and never cross once the signal has turned yellow or red.
Pedestrians in rural areas:
* When walking on a road without a sidewalk, walk facing traffic so that you can see oncoming vehicles.
* On roads without sidewalks, always make sure you’re visible to drivers by wearing reflective gear or using a flashlight.
Transit users:
* If you use transit, you’re also a pedestrian. Make sure that you’re visible as a pedestrian when you’re walking to and from your transit stop. Wear clothing or carry items that are reflective so drivers can see you in all weather conditions.
* Be cautious at transit stops. Always cross at designated crosswalks – not mid-block – and avoid taking shortcuts.