Last couple of years we have been shocked not only by Rob Ford’s actions and reactions, but by some very serious scandals that have been unearthed across the country. Canadian Senate Expenses scandal; confessions of civic officials and politicians in Montreal to Charbonneau commission about organized corruption ; 117  Canadian firms being blacklisted by the World Bank under its fraud and corruption policy; BC Rail corruption are some of the many.

Like crime, corruption is never-ending. People in position of power exploit the loopholes in the processes and manage the wealth multiplication slyly . The best thing about a corrupt politician is that they are willing to share the benefits of corruption with likeminded individuals who may serve as a step in the ladder to further their personal wealth goals.

There have been many scandals where politicians spend public money only to return it after media picks the story up and generates a public opinion about it. In fact media is the only spanner in the money spinning operations carefully set up by politicians and their civic co workers. But the real power lies with the common people, who can come forward and report political corruption as they report scams and frauds and help lessen this evil which has slowly crept into our country.


A thought  : History is a crystal ball

The desire to rule the world is not new and is not going away till we have  this world. Rulers dream to rule but dreamers really rule. Nelson Mandela had a dream and he still rules the heart of his fans, even when he is no more present in this world because he gave his people freedom, he did not want them to bow to him in fear ; people bowed in front of him because of respect and love.

The world has witnessed the prowess of many kings and rulers who lost all they have achieved forcibly. Alexander the Great was king of Macedonia from 336 to  323 B.C. He was also known as  ‘King of Four Quarters of the world’. He died of malaria at the age of 32 and did not even had a chance to see his son. Ashoka, an Indian king who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from ca. 269 BCE to 232 BCE gave up all he had amassed after  seeing the trail of death and destruction his army had left in Kalinga under his command. Ashoka learnt from his mistakes, he left the path of violence and adopted peace. He is remembered  more for his good work to promote Buddhism than for the bloodiest battle on the earth. But alas !  people don’t learn. Hitler did not learn, he decide  to break than bend and committed suicide when his attempts to rule the world failed miserably.

Even today conflicts  and corruption is going on all over the  world for power, for money. We have individuals and groups that are trying capture vast areas of land to leverage their influence, to rule, to make captured cities their realm and people living in those cities their puppets. But they forget, nothing in this world is permanent. Not even them, with all their man power and gun power.

No one can rule or be ruled for forever but still some motivated souls people keep trying year after year to make their resident on this earth permanent. They forget memory of people is short but history cannot be fooled. History is in fact a crystal ball through which one can predict future. History repeats itself, it always has.