Rogue Warrior!

PeppermintDo the review. Get it right. And you will be happy all through the night. Apart from those musings there’s nothing remotely amusing when a woman has her life shattered. Peppermint is a dynamite movie from Elevation Pictures and STX Films now charting its course at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.

Second thoughts can be good – or bad. Today many people have a tough time to make a go if it. When a hard-working man decides to make a fast buck and things spiral out of control it’s left up to his wife to pick up the pieces. Jennifer Garner gives it all as a grieving mom determined to go after the people responsible for killing her loved ones.

Cut from the Charles Bronson cloth Peppermint shows how far a woman will go to get revenge. Violent at times we have here a very gritty atmosphere, lots of action and a victim you want to cheer for. Bring it on!