By Brahma Kumaris 

Perception is the expression of personal reality. Perception is what I see, hear or feel. In what way I see, hear or feel. When I see, hear or feel or whether I see hear or feel. Perception is colored by a number of factors such as, time – do I see it moving fast or slow, It is also colored by our personal experiences, personal memories, beliefs, our values, how we view other people, places we go to visit, the situations we deal with in our daily life and/or the daily situations that happen in our world. Every person in this world will have their own unique way of seeing everything and it isn’t right or wrong. It is a question of personal reality. Why do we than fight and quarrel with others to get them to see things as we do, to do things as we see fit?
Perception is revealed through our thoughts (beliefs), how we label other people, our attitude (positive or negative), the way we talk to ourselves, thru our body language, our behavior, the manner in which we speak to others, and thru our actions. Perception is revealed in a visual and auditory way. The basis of visual perception are our principles and values that we choose to live by, our beliefs, our morals and labeling. The value judgment I give to something is based on visual perception. The attitudes in visual perception is: “Whatever it is that I see, if it does not fit into my personal ‘norm box’, there must be something wrong with it”.

The basis for audio perception are our feelings, experiences, our memories, our cultural belief systems and our physical value systems. Our emotions usually get stirred by what we hear. We become sensitive when someone speaks to us in a certain tone or manner. It triggers our beliefs we have about ourselves, others and our world either in a positive or negative way. It is no wonder we have so much human conflict in our world! The responsibility to change inner perceptions is the self. The core inner values of all human beings in the world is love, peace, respect, joy, wisdom etc.

By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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