IMG_5785IMG_5914Nestled in ranges of the Western Ghats, in God’s Own Country, Kerala, is the picturesque Periyar and it was our next stop in the tour. Periyar is located at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is a scenic 4 hour drive from Madurai. Tea plantations dotted our route and the undulating Cardamom hills welcomed us to another enchanting destination, Periyar.


Periyar wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 777 sq km, and is home to Tigers, Elephants, Bisons and other species of animals unique to this region of the world. But before we begin our trip to the fairyland of Periyar, we decided to make a quick stop for the famous Spice Plant. Strong aroma of tea captured our senses.  After some authentic Kerala tea and   guided tour of the Plant we checked in and settled for a lunch at the Elephant court Hotel, a sprawling hillside hotel with magnificent views of the lush green Periyar. The martial arts display programme in the evening kept all of us mesmerized till late. Next morning we set out for the much anticipated Jungle trek. We didn’t see any Tigers, but Elephant luck shined on us! And we saw few herds of Elephants strolling through the reserve and some very rare native birds. Elephant ride through the spice plantations and the boat cruise were the highlights of the memorable stopover. So next time you are planning a vacation to Kerala, India do add Periyar to your itinerary, it will enchant you forever!