2016-tenant-survey-resultsSurrey: PICS Assisted Living facility in Surrey has scored an overall satisfaction rate of 89.6 percent, the highest rate of satisfaction among all 32 facilities surveyed by Fraser Health recently.

Fraser Health conducts a Tenant Satisfaction Survey every two years in order to understand the needs of the tenants better at Assisted Living facilities across Metro Vancouver.

“Based on results of these satisfaction surveys we are able to plan ahead. It’s important for us to know our tenants’ experience in Assisted Living and how gaps if any could be improved,” said  Donna Clark, Assisted Living Manager, Fraser Health.

The survey was sent confidentially to the tenants of all 32 facilities asking them to rate the facilities on 10 domains – activities, choice, care & services, staff relations,  staff responsiveness, communications, meals &dining, laundry, building environment and resident environment.

The tenants had four choices to mark – Yes Always, Yes Sometimes, No Hardly Ever and No Never.

According to Yes Always responses, on an average PICS Assisted Living has scored higher than all other facilities in all 10 domains.

“We are very pleased with the results of this survey. It clearly shows that providing services in a culturally sensitive manner and in accordance with the needs of our clients contribute greatly to their overall wellbeing,” said Charan Gill, CEO PICS.

“Caring for seniors in the way they need to be cared for has been the mandate of PICS Assisted Living. Working with our residents over the last 10 years has given us invaluable insight into their needs and we try our best to fill these needs,” said Inderjeet Hundal, Administrator PICS Assisted Living.

On an average, PICS scored 81.2 percent as opposed to 56.5 per cent for others in the domain of  activities; 87.9 as opposed to 74 per in care & services;  86.2 as opposed to 58.4 in meals & dining.