Kamilla Singh

By Kamilla Singh

Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

A masterpiece of Indian restaurant, no wonder people calls it, the Keg of Indian cuisine, this is on the same location where Sammy’s J restaurant used to be, couple of years ago the owner took over the space and turned into a welcoming and fantastic eatery, which didn’t exist in our Indian culinary industry. I personally have been driving on Scott Road a lot of time, but never thought of going in to check it out. On Last Friday during the lunch time I just walked in and I thought my eyes were tricking me, I asked myself over and over again if is this what it says, Pinch of Spice, Yes, my friends I mean Pinch of Spice in Delta at the corner of Nordel Way and Scott Road.
As I walked in the restaurant, the Manager was ready to get the people in for the lunch time rush, as soon as I said who I am, his attention focused on me, he was going to let me try so many different dishes, but in the middle of serving me he got an emergency call out to attend family matter, but no problem, what he suggested I should try was one of his soups from the menu, I am so grateful and thankful that I followed his lead and ordered Veggie hot and Sour soup, I had this soup in Chinese restaurants before, but once you will try hot and sour soup here,, you will not want to go to have this soup in Chinese restaurants, piping hot soup with lots of fresh crispy tiny pieces of vegetables in it, when you are looking for something refreshing with tons of flavor on a cold fall day, then this is for you.

photo 1In no time the place got packed with people coming in for lunch, I was seated very close to the bar area, the way everything is set up is like you are sitting in a pub, but better than a pub with big screen TV and water fountain in the bar area as well as at the entrance there is a semi-water fountain, with beautiful lighting and gorgeous horseshoe shaped bar area with lots of TV’s, you can sit there for hours and never get bored. I ordered lunch special, they have veggie and non veggie lunch special for a carnivorous like me, I had to have a meat fix, so I ordered Pinch of Spice special which includes lamb curry, shahi paneer, raita, rice, tandoori chicken and the best Naan in town. I ate only lamb curry with naan, it was so delicious. Sometimes I feel you don’t have to have many dishes to confuse your taste buds, naan was perfectly done and so soft and tasty, that you can just sit there and munch on the naans alone. I had perfect lunch, the rest I had it packed to go, so $14:00 for lunch special I had lunch and dinner, two meals out of it. I give them 5 stars rating for food, service, ambience and attention to details.
“We have been on this location for almost 14 months, we have been busy since we opened up, our city needs a place where they can go
out relax and enjoy authentic Indian food, Indian food is big in this city, but ours in very unique,” Jassi floor manager said.

“We will be starting our new menu as of tonight, we are not taking out anything from our menu but we are adding more items to our menu, items like crispy mushrooms, Rumali roti, Goll gappas to name a few” she added When asked what is their signature dish?, she replied. “Our chicken dishes are very popular, such as Chicken Masala, Chicken Tikka , Malai Chicken and of course Butter Chicken, we are also known for our paneer dishes, they are also very
popular in here”.

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