By Gurjyote Singh Sethi, Executive Chef 


Ingredients Quantity
Haloumi Cheese (Grilled) Sliced 4 nos
Shallots (Sliced) 2 nos
Red Radish 2 nos
Orange Segments 5 nos
Pomegranate Seeds 20 gms
Avocado (Sliced) 3 nos
Burgul Wheat (Soaked) 20 gms
Rocket Leaves 5 nos
White Wine Vinegar 20 ml
Oil 10 ml
Garlic 5 gms
Honey 10 gms
Dijon Mustard 5 gms
Salt 2 gms
Pepper 2 gms


Pink Mystery

  1. Make the dressing by mixing in all the ingredients and blend it using a blender
  2. Soak the Burgul in warm water and leave it aside
  3. Now slice red radish , shallots and avocado
  4. Take out the segments of orange and seeds of pomegranate
  5. Take out slices of Haloumi and grill them
  6. Toss all the ingredients separately with the dressing
  7. Arrange them nicely on a cold platter



Gurjyote Singh Sethi, Executive Chef

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