Yo Ho Ho!

IMG_3726Comedy cleverly mixes with adventure In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Trust Disney to keep this seafaring franchise afloat. Aye, mates. Set sail to your nearest Cineplex Theatre throughout B.C, to share in the frolic.

He who does bad enough good reigns supreme. Hot off his success as a heavy in the all-time high Skyfall 007 epic James Bond baddie Javier Bardem suits up as the prime villain tangling with Jack Sparrow in the fifth if this immensely popular series. Again, Johnny Depp charms his way into your hearts as the rum swigging navigator who enters more troubled waters with friends old and new.

Drama and escapism on the high seas continues at a rapid pace with the accent here on family ties and a will to survive. Old stalwart Geoffrey Rush helps elevate the story further which benefits from good writing and a rather convincing ending that wraps things up effectively. Designed mostly for fans of the series and the genre Dead Men Tell No Tales is a well-meaning visual delight with most of the accent here on action with a dark tinged oceanic theme running through it. Campy and entertaining though maybe a touch long but still ideal family fare that’s quite creative and endearing.