Pic 4Toronto: Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced that the government will soon introduce new rules for pension. Wynne said, “We believe that we need to set up a structure so that people can save their own money, and they can make investments along with their employers in their future”. But the federal Conservatives are of the view that increasing pension contributions amounts to a job-killing payroll tax. Bill Morneau, a human resources consultant and a pension adviser to Wynne, said, “The idea is it’s not a tax, it’s exactly the opposite. He further added, “Workers need to view contributions as an investment in their future. Ottawa has been pushing for provinces to support PRPPs as an alternative to enhancing the CPP. In 2010, the federal and provincial governments agreed to a framework for PRPPs to help fill in some gaps in Canada’s existing retirement system but the proposed changes have been in limbo because of lack of political consensus.