Rah! Rah!

Score one for the home team. Or underdog. Have it your way as the motive behind the bittersweet comedy POMS hits home on many fronts. Share the warmth of this coming of age fiesta from EOne films and STX Studios at the International Village Cinemas. And Cineplex Screens and Landmark Theatres across B.C.

Getting old can be a drag. Pile on health issues and you can sense the over 60 set may be living on pins and needles. Akin in a sleight way to Hollywood classic Cocoon POMS tracks the wayward whirlwind life of a free spirit not ready to let the aging process get the better of her woman. Actress of all seasons Diane Keaton (The Godfather) lays her Annie Hall spirit on the line as Martha, a shining example of a lady with lots of heart and soul.

Determined to keep on going Martha packs up and heads to the Peach State of Georgia to settle in at a retirement community. Not quite ready for prime time this hip urban chic finds it hard at first to fit in thanks to some politically by the book governors who seem to make daily living quite the chore. Blessed with a new neighbour called Sheryl the pair decide to take on the “establishment”.

You see to add some spark to the new stay at home residents the overseers of this little community encourage residents to get involved with one another through various clubs. From out of left field Martha decides to form a cheerleader’s club. Let the games begin.

Writer/ director Zara Hayes has her heart In The right place. With themes of aging, discrimination, health and even bullying ever present at least below the surface POMS is a smart look at how elders fit in among themselves and others. Thought to be this years Book Club POMS comes off as a second-place finisher. Still though thanks to humour, good natured gags and a winning spirit it’s well worth seeing.  Especially if you want to watch something meaningful, funny and endearing and have had your fill of silly comic book adaptations, POMS is grounded and considers a time We all are hopeful to reach which makes it well worth checking out. Pleasing and poignant POMS will have you smiling your way home.