A Peel Regional Police officer handing ‘tickets’ to youth cleaning up at a park.


THIS week I came across a very interesting news item on Ontario’s Peel Regional Police website about Operation Freeze and Operation Heat – a partnership between police and Mac’s Convenience Stores that encourages kids to learn that doing the right thing is “cool”.

The item states: “The tickets handed out this winter to kids in Brampton and Mississauga spotted committing random acts of kindness or exhibiting “positive” behaviour, are actually coupons valid for a free beverage at all participating Mac’s Convenience stores across Ontario.

“It’s called “positive ticketing” and it also encourages positive interaction between youth and officers. Some police officers may use the coupons to recognize youth for wearing bicycle helmets, doing good deeds, participating in community activities, picking up garbage, deterring crime or following school crossing rules, while others may use them as “icebreakers” to start conversations with youth in their patrol areas.”

Wow, I think this is REALLY COOL!

The program started back in 2007 and more than 800,000 coupons have been issued by police officers across Ontario.