By Brahma Kumaris
awakeningwhiteonblackTo have the power to Co-operate means to have a quiet eye for what is needed to bring success and to supply it at the right time, in the right place and then to be off.
Everyone will co-operate in something that they care about. But actually to have this virtue ‘full time’ means to be constantly extending your hand wherever it is needed. Having developed your ability to give your time, experience and wisdom in the service of others, you do not feel that you are competing against anyone. You understand that you are helping all selflessly. Here, the surrender of the ego is required.
The power to cooperate with others and the environment requires the understanding that that you have to know when to give cooperation as well as to know when to take cooperation. Cooperation has a great affinity for taking and giving responsibility. Cooperation is to understand that all souls are children of the One Father. This is the concept of “brotherhood”. The feeling and attitude of brotherly vision creates unity and strength and makes any task easy. Cooperation is the understanding that no man is an island and wastage is to commit spiritual suicide, if not today, then tomorrow. Your conscience is but the judicial arm of that law of karma that dispenses divine justice and for this “nothing is for free in this world”. There is a equal price on all your thoughts and actions.
Respect Respect is cooling and brings hearts together. To know one’s own worth and to honour the worth of others is the true way to earn co-operation
Honest – To be honest to one’s real self and to the purpose of a task earns trust and inspires faith in others.
Harmony – The gathering does not co-operate with each other until there is harmony within and among the individuals. Just as the musician needs to practice playing the instruments alone before joining the symphony orchestra, the individual need solitude to be in touch with his or her potential before joining the gathering.
Humility – When one has the virtue of humility, everyone “bows down”, since everyone bows to those who themselves bow first. The more presence of a humble person creates an inviting, cordial and comfortable environment.
By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver 
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