By Brahma Kumaris
awakeningwhiteonblackPower to decide allows taking clear, quick, accurate and unbiased decisions.
Raj Yoga meditation provides this strength and clarity of the intellect through greater self-understanding and a detached perspective.
To decide you need a clear and stable mind that comes with meditation and yoga with Baba.
Always keep three things in mind to make a decision:
1. Does this decision bring me back to my core values of peace, love and happiness?
2. Does this decision bring me close to God or take me away from him? *How you feel inside, you’re honest, truthful and staying in God’s virtues.
3. Is this decision bringing happiness to me and others?
If you can answer all these questions, make that decision. The symbol of this power is scale means think from both sides equal benefits and pointer is Surrender to baba ask his help to make right decision.  Meaning you’re playing your own music and creating your own song, write your own script. Make the right and truthful decisions but staying together with others with no judgment, hate or anger.
Don’t go with others decisions or ask others to make decisions for you. You need to take responsibility for your decisions weather they are good or bad.
Don’t sit on a fence always choose what is right for you and for others as well. When you are the decision maker you can’t blame anyone else. That gives YOU self-control, respect, commitment, confidence and courage to move forward in life. Always remember your Thoughts, Words, & deeds are pure and positive.
You can’t learn and grow just by thinking about it, that make you tired, stressed, frustrated, and angry. All those negative qualities that make you feel low in energy on the other hand as soon as you make a decision you feel good about it, you feel empowered to do something about it.  If you’re thinking and feeling positive about it, the outcome will be positive as well. Decision is the opposite of the “Power to Let Go” and this has been my personal experience, I have had to let go of my fixed ideas, of plans, of old identities, of ego reactions, of fears and doubts. I have kept allowing the renewal process of life to cleanse and create each moment and when I do that I’m able to do the aligning and make decisions, committing totally with full power.
I trust myself and I’m clear that my actions are right and will bring success. I’m prepared to stand by my choices and be accountable for the consequences and I’ll stand alone if necessary. I believe I’m acting correctly .This power is essential for leaders today.
You always have the choice. Never say you don’t have a choice. Be responsible for your choices whatever the outcome, it will always be ok.
Colour: Purple & white – Purity and knowledge.
• Balance
• Wisdom
• Surrender
• Faith
By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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