Let go of negativities. Bring out positive quality virtues and values from within the soul

It is a four steps process:
1. Acceptance – being aware of situation or negativity. Be honest with yourself.
2. Understanding – detaching oneself from the situation and become
detached observer
3. Learning – learn from the situation. Visualize
4. Realization – Don’t do it again.
Forgive yourself and forget the
emotions attached with the situation and move forward.

How one knows if they have let go?
When remembering the situation or if confronting the stimulant, you feel light and happy there is no emotional disturbance within oneself.
Color: White/Indigo
• Discipline
• Purity
• Positivity
• Self-Respect

Discipline comes from inside. If it is imposed or assumed for show, it is like putting on a coat. You wear it outside where it is seen, but come inside, where it is hot and you just take it off. In the privacy of your own problems, it just becomes a burden; you want to be free of it. Real discipline is part of you. It is an expression of respect for life which is why you put the coat on in the first place, but it is also an expression of respect for yourself, which is why you keep it on – even when things are hard.
In fact it is natural to be disciplined, to follow a pattern of existence that has order. Nature has order, happiness and sorrow, though sometimes not understood, they have their set time. Nothing is naturally random. Even death is at the mercy of a system. We just can’t see it. So there is always an attraction to discipline which is why we eventually get unhappy when we do not embrace a routine.
Discipline requires a tangible goal, an adoption of something larger than yourself which is guiding your attitude, otherwise how do you know what’s wrong, what’s to strive for? Nothing’s wrong unless you have the mirror of a system to look into.
When discipline comes from a commitment of the spirit, it brings unknown safety. It sets off the fire of love with a kind of coolness. It keeps you in the middle of the road. No sudden standstill before the journey is over. In sickness there is safety, because discipline makes you sustain precision when it would be easier just to let go; in happiness there is safety, because discipline stops you spilling too much feeling for others to slip on; in sorrow there is safety because discipline makes you go walking through the actions which will bring back your joy. In all moods, discipline gently holds you steady. Discipline is mercy. It becomes a voice inside which softens the resistance of weakness and ushers you towards freedom.

By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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