Toronto: Police in Toronto are searching for three masked men they allege shot a pregnant woman and her boyfriend early this morning while the couple was in bed.

Police Supt. Ron Taverner says officers were called to a home in the city’s northwest at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

He alleges the three men made their way into the apartment without forcing the door, shot the couple in bed and fled.

He says the 20-year-old woman was hit multiple times in the chest while the 23-year-old man was hit in the hand and thigh.

Police describe the injuries as serious but not life-threatening and say the woman’s 11-week-old fetus wasn’t harmed during the shooting.

However, police say the injured man was arrested in hospital for a number of outstanding charges, including attempted murder.

Police had initially said the man was 20 years old and the woman was 19.

The Canadian Press