Vancouver: Premier Christy Clark released the following statement following Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement to “carefully and seriously” review her request to ban thermal coal exports through B.C. ports by having federal trade officials examine options on how to move forward:

“I would like to thank Prime Minister Trudeau for his quick action to look at banning thermal coal exports through British Columbia and his commitment to stand up for B.C. and Canadian forest workers.

“Prime Minister Trudeau and I share a commitment to securing a new, long-lasting softwood agreement that protects jobs and workers in B.C.

“We also share a desire to reduce global reliance on dirty thermal coal as a source of electricity.

“Banning thermal coal exports through B.C. ports stands up for forest workers and helps fight climate change.

“If I am re-elected Premier on May 9th, I will continue to work constructively with Prime Minister Trudeau to secure a fair softwood agreement with the United States.”