Victoria: Premier John Horgan will stand up for B.C.’s interests in Ottawa this week, as he meets with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the wildfire state of emergency, softwood lumber and the opioid crisis.

He will also travel to Washington, D.C., to fight for B.C. jobs in the softwood lumber dispute.

“Tomorrow I will be meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa to talk about how we can work together to support people and communities affected by B.C.’s wildfires, fight for B.C. jobs in the softwood lumber dispute, and better support those affected by the opioid crisis,” said Premier Horgan.

“Working with our federal counterparts, we’ll find solutions to the urgent problems facing British Columbians. And we will make sure that the services people count on like childcare, affordable housing, and public infrastructure are also a priority in these discussions.”

Premier Horgan will meet with Prime Minister Trudeau at 10 a.m. eastern time on Tuesday, July 25, after which he will meet with other senior public officials.

The Premier will then travel to Washington, D.C., for meetings with key trade officials on the softwood lumber dispute.

“Whether it’s in Victoria, Ottawa or Washington, British Columbians can count on us to work hard every day to get results for people. We’ll stand up for B.C.’s interests, fight for B.C. jobs, and work with our federal partners to deliver better services for people,” said Premier Horgan.