Behind Bars!

You can’t escape the past. New leases on life are few and far between. It’s a case of the old meeting the new and vice versa in the exceptionally fine drama Prisoner’s Daughter. Enjoy fine acting at its best in this terrific tale now out on streaming services courtesy of VVS films by contacting your local cable company or internet provider.
Times are tough all over. And being a single mom can be equally trying.
Like many mothers Melanie is trying her best to raise her young son. Ditching all that glamour for true grit is Kate Beckinsale.and managing or better said “coping” with teen Ezra is no easy feat. Cast as the problem (?) child in a winning outing is Christopher Convery. Now one would think that that’s enough on anyone’s plate. But wait. Wait for it. Just like the title suggests there’s even more darkness in this family’s tumultuous life.
You see good old dad/granddad has been in jail for more than a few years. Given one last chance to redeem himself Max is made an offer he just can’t refuse. Give it up to veteran actor Brian Cox for trying to work things out with his estranged daughter when he is given the opportunity to finish out his sentence with his family elder house arrest. This sets the stage for even more conflict as the aging man’s past come back to haunt him and all those around him after all those many years.
Superb performances from all around anchor this shot in Las Vegas mob tale which touches on a host of issues is common folks can relate to. Look for some sort of Oscar recognition for elements of this movie that are truly emotional and compelling