Calgary:  The National Energy Board (NEB or the Board) will hold a public hearing to consider an application from TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. (TransCanada) to review its request for approval of its 2015 to 2030 tolls application for its Canadian Mainline System.

The application is based on a settlement agreement negotiated between TransCanada and Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., Union Gas Limited and Gaz Métro Limited Partnership. The application proposes tolls for the 2015 through 2020 period and provides a methodology, for Board approval, for calculation of tolls for the 2021 to 2030 period.

The NEB has identified a number of issues for discussion during the hearing, including:

  1. The appropriateness of the proposed toll design for 2015-2020,
  2. The appropriateness of the proposed revenue requirements and rate base over the 2015-2020 term,
  3. The appropriate allocation of risks and rewards among TransCanada, Mainline shippers and other stakeholders over the 2015-2020 term,
  4. The appropriateness of continued pricing discretion for Interruptible Transportation and Short Term Firm Transportation services, and
  5. The appropriateness of the proposed framework for segmentation of the Mainline system post-2020.